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Cupcake Liner Pick-a-Mix

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We're so excited to offer cupcake custom mixes! Simply choose up to FIVE favorite colors/patterns from the list below.

You will receive approximately 75 liners per order. Your custom mix will be presented in a little plastic box. How lovely!

Made from the highest quality greaseproof paper, these baking cups are bakeable up to 450 degrees F. Each liner measures 2" across the base, and 1.25" tall.

Select up to 5 colors*
1. tomato red 
2. candy apple red dots 
3. tomato red stripes 
4. candy apple red gingham 
5. candy apple red swirl 
6. persimmon orange 
7. persimmon orange dots 
8. persimmon orange dots 
9. persimmon orange ginhgam 
10. wild berry 
11. wild berry dots 
12. wild berry gingham 
13. ballerina pink 
14. ballerina pink dots 
15. sunflower yellow stripes 
16. sunshine yellow 
17. sunshine yellow dots 
18. lime green 
19. lime green dots 
20. lime green swirl 
21. caribbean 
22. caribbean dots 
23. caribbean gingham 
24. caribbean stripes 
25. peacock 
26. royal blue 
27. royal blue dots 
28. royal blue stripes 
29. royal blue gingham 
30. powder blue dots 
31. huckleberry purple 
32. huckleberry dots 
33. huckleberry gingham 
34. violet stripes 
35. chocolate dots 
36. chocolate stripes 
37. onyx black 
38. onyx dots 
39. onyx stripes 
40. onyx swirl 
41. silver